I know what you mean about Shalimar, and that why it been at the back of the shelf so long. Shalimar suffers from being so Shalimar, so recognizable that just as it hard to really the Mona Lisa, it hard to really smell Shalimar. One benefit of writing this review is that I smelled it in a new way when I compared it with Oriental Lounge..

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They go to the computer lab 2 to 3 times per week and use educational software, apps and programs (for of course, computer labs are not limited to computers. There are iPads. In a related story, my 11 year old son asked me at age 4 « when you were little, were there telephones or only email? »).

He was outgoing and personable, which I totally get, because he owns the business. What’s even more impressive is that his employees are very much like him, going out of their way to service each person who walks through their doors. So, I was curious as to how one finds employees who are willing to deliver over the top service.

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Launched in April 2012, Panchasheel Prastitha is all set to be complete by July 2016. All flats have an area of 1200 square feet and upwards. Spacious parking, recreational parks, swimming pool, tennis club and party hall make it a worthy KnockOff Handbags destination.